Thursday, August 9, 2012

The Big Move!

I have been wanting to share these pictures of the new CVICU with you all. The new unit opened a few days after we got here and they moved all the kiddos to the new building on Monday. It took ALL day. I am so thankful that we were able to be apart of the new unit!
Isabella's old room, it was huge, not really family friendly though.  

The Atrium is part of the new building. It's so pretty! 
Awesome new playground near the atrium! Xander would LOVE this! 
This is the "Family House" for the CVICU. Parents can sleep in here, do laundry, eat, shower, and just hang out. 
Thank you Bobby Petrino for the awesome CVICU family house!! Yes, I know... ;)

This is in Isabella's new room. I can sleep and hang out in here now! We also have our own bathroom and shower. They really thought of everything! 
The view from the sofa/couch. I can't wait to sit in this rocking chair and rock Isabella!!!
The new rooms are a lot smaller and all the nurses are having a hard time getting used to it... BUT they are much more family friendly! It's so awesome to see everyone and every company that donated to make this new unit happen! Isabella's room was brought to us by Kimberaly Clark & Huggies Diapers. I asked the nurses if the babies in this room had to wear huggies diapers now! lol.. nope, they are all still in pampers! 
I'll be back later with an update on Isabella! We have had an uneventful day so far! :)

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