Friday, August 10, 2012

Day 8

We are praising God for another good day! Isabella has been doing very well and seems to be moving in the right direction. If everything continues to go well they will extubate her on Sunday. I am both anxious and excited about this! I will finally get to hold my sweet baby girl again! I am just praying that she will be able to tolerate the leakage from her valves without the breathing tube. Isabella got to go on a little field trip today. She had to go down two floors to the radiology clinic to get a PICC line put in. They do this in a sterile environment using an ultrasound and x-ray to guide the line through a vein in her arm all the way to her heart. Sounds scary, I know! Apparently they were not able to get her to go to sleep so they had to give her several doses of narcotics while she down there. She has been completely knocked out for 4 hours now. 

She enjoyed looking at her toys while she was awake this morning. We can now cover her up with a blanket & turn out the lights in her room since she is more stable! 
We do not travel lightly...
Sweet baby slept the whole way downstairs
They had to move her from her bed to the table on the left... talk about stressful!! 
Sister kept trying to roll over so they had to tape her down!! 
She was NOT happy about this! Poor Girl! 
I know there are a lot of people following Isabella's heart journey and I am so grateful for all of you!! Thank you all for your continued support, love, and prayers!! God is Good! Praising & Praying! 

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