Sunday, June 24, 2012

Two Months!

I can't believe our sweet girl is already two months old! These past two months have flown by and I have loved every minute. There have been some stressful moments, but I wouldn't change a thing. We have been blessed with the sweetest little girl. I love being her Mommy. I love that every morning I get Xander out of his crib and he runs into her room yelling "Good Morning Sissy!" He adores her, I adore her, and of course she has Daddy wrapped around her tiny little finger! 

At two months:

You weigh 9lbs 4oz
Wear 0-3 month clothes
You dont really enjoy tummy time any more :)
You are still taking about 2-2.5 oz of formula every 2-3 hours
You are basically sleeping through the night 12am-6:30am - Ill take it! :)
You are doing one hour of physical therapy a week 
You only cry when you are starving.
You love to hang out in your swing or bouncy seat
You do not like bath time any more

Our photo shoot did not go as well as it did last time, sister was hungry and you can tell she is upset in her pictures...She still looks cute though! :)

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