Monday, June 18, 2012

Father's Day Fun!

We had a great weekend celebrating Father's Day! This is James' first father's day as a dad of two kids! I wanted to do something special for him, so I took pictures of the kids holding "DAD" wearing Braves outfits. Anyone who knows James knows he is a die hard Braves fan, so I knew he would enjoy this. I got the idea for the letters off of pinterest, and I am pretty sure at least 5 of my girlfriends had the same idea!! I have been seeing them all over facebook! I think they turned out pretty cute. I wish I would have gotten better pictures of course.. but James LOVED them. I put them in a frame that has three place holders so he could take it to work. Here are the pictures I ended up using.

We woke up Sunday and gave James his gifts - he had no clue I had anything at all - so it was a great surprise! We went to church and lunch then spent the rest of the day relaxing, and hanging out with the kiddos.

Xander and Isabella are so blessed to have a Daddy that loves them so much!! I am so thankful for my sweet husband and all he does for us!

Here are a few of the outtakes from our photo shoot... Enjoy! :)

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