Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Day 3 & Isabella's Dr. Appointments!!

Today is day three of Jenna's Commenting Challenge! The topic today is share what my favorite website are and where you can find me on social media!

You can find me on twitter @brittany_david

A few of my favorite websites are: (for the locals) - special sale item twice a day for kids and babies! They usually have pretty good stuff - lightening deals and deals of the day - special deals on home, electronics, and childrens items.. they have AWESOME stuff!!


We have had such a crazy week and it's only Wednesday!  Yesterday was Isabella's two month check up. She is 9lbs 4oz, 21inches...(10th Percentile) I had Xander with me so he could get his Hep A shot, and it actually went better than expected. He didn't cry at all.. and Sister just cried for a minute. Isabella is obviosuly behind on her milestones (tracking, holding head up, and smiling) but that was to be expected. That is why we go to physical therapy! Her pediatrician also recommended that we go ahead and start speech and occupational therapy.  So we will be having an evaluation for those coming up soon!

Today we had a cardiologist appointment and her weekly physcial therapy session. Her cardiologist appointment went well. They did an echo of her heart (which she slept right through) and said we are looking at surgery in about one month. 

Sweet Girl!

Physical therapy did not go as well today. Isabella was tired and hungry, but she did work hard and got a few good head lifts in! Yay! :) Once you read my blog for a while you will come to find out that every little milestone with Isabella is going to be a big deal!! Because she has down syndrome she is going to have to work extra hard to reach her goals. When she finally starts reaching her milestones and goals it's going to be so exciting because all of the work and effort it took to get there.. So I will be celebrating all of the small things!! :) Her therapist was very excited too! We will start doing physical therapy two times a week next week (Mondays and Thursdays).. add in occupational and speech -- I am going to be one busy mama!! Here are a few pictures from her session today. Sorry again for the poor quality! I dropped my phone and it doesn't take pictures as well anymore...

Trying to get her to wake up! :)

Hope everyone is having a great week!! Almost Friday :)

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