Friday, July 13, 2012

A Week's Worth...

1. Isabella loves this play mat...I just love her expression in the mirror!

2. Xander has been taking care of his dog like a baby lately. When I am feeding Isabella he feeds his dog. Its actually pretty sweet. He was putting his dog in the swing to sleep since we were about to leave the house. 

3. Xander was singing the National Anthem when the All Star Game was on this week! He loves watching baseball! 

4. Isabella practicing holding her head up at PT.. she is getting much stronger! 

5. Xander's new favorite food is cereal (with milk) I just started adding milk, and he loves it! 

6. We saw a deer on the nature trail during one of our walks. I was so excited to show Xander, he was scared of course! :) 

7. Morning snuggles! 

8. Xander keeping himself busy while Isabella had PT 

9. Sissy was not happy about PT yesterday, we had to cut her session short.  Poor Girl! 

10. Xander had a ball while sister was working out!! He thinks we are at an amusement park every time we take Isabella to PT. 

11. Sweet baby yawns :) 

12. "I see you Mommy!!" 

13. This was our sweet treat last weekend. I love making big batches of cookies and freezing them, you can just pull a few out at a time and not be tempted to eat 20 cookies just because they are there!! 

14. Sweet Girl!

15. Xander practicing his tracing and  pencil grip! He is doing a pretty good job I think! 

16. Sister LOVES to sleep with her head back like this. I am constantly moving her only to find her like this 2 minutes later! 

**Just wondering.. has anyone ever had Instagram pictures printed? I am curious to see what they would look like, or if they would even turn out!

I hope everyone has a fabulous weekend!

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