Monday, July 2, 2012

Weekend Recap

We had a fun busy weekend that started with a water play date with Hunter. Love these pictures of the boys waiting to come inside! Too cute!!

When James got home from work Friday he and Xander mowed the lawn :) Love these boys!!

Saturday Morning Breakfast!

Of course we had a movie date at home again! Love spending time with my hubby catching up on movies we weren't able to go see in the theater! 

Sunday night we went to Fireworks at the Crosses at the Pinnacle Hills campus of our church. This is the first time Xander has seen fireworks and he loved it!! We met up with our small group so we could all sit together, and we had so much hanging out with friends and letting the kids run around.

Sweet Girl!

The boys bringing us dinner :) Corn dogs and funnel cakes.. YUM!
James & Mike

This picture cracks me up! I don't know if you remember Xander's first haircut when he was 16 months old, but they kept calling Xander "Leon Phelps" who is the main character in "The Ladies Man". I can tell you now that that nickname was perfect for him. At the age of 2.5 Xander is in deed a ladies man!! He loves the ladies!! Every where go he wants to talk to all of the girls.. he doesn't pay any attention to guys, but as soon as a girl is near he immediately starts putting on a show. We did not know the girl in this picture, she happened to be sitting near us and Xander just walked right over there and sat in her lap and shared his pretzels. She was super sweet, and Xander was just eating it up! Ill say it again friends.. I am in trouble!! :)

Xander's buddy Max
Sweet Wyatt!! 

Brooke, Ava, & Xander

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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