Monday, November 7, 2011

Weekend Recap

James was out of town this weekend so I did my best to try and keep Xander entertained! He went through a stage a couple of months ago that really stressed me out. We couldn't go to grocery stores, restaurants (without daddy), or even birthday parties. He was was clingy and cranky and I felt like I couldn't take him anywhere without being stressed out. I don't know what changed over the past month or so but he has really calmed down. Hopefully that stage has passed for good because we had a fun weekend and I was able to leave the house without the fear of a meltdown! 
We went to walmart to buy a birthday present for Ryne and I picked up a few things for X as well. I have wanted to buy these magnetic letters for a while but nothing in our kitchen is magnetic. A friend told me the other day that the door to the garage is magnetic so I was so excited to get to buy X the letters!  He loves them! I also got him this little play laptop. He loves all things electronic and this is his new favorite toy. He carries it all over the house!
On Saturday we went to my friend Megan-Marie's house for her daughters 4th birthday. It was a cowgirl theme and she did such an awesome job on the food and decorations!! I didn't get a picture of everything, but it was all so cute!!
 The girls were so excited about the pony rides!! Xander was scared OF COURSE! :) And the Birthday girl blowing out the candles with her dad. Ryne is so CUTE!! and sweet, I am so glad we got to be there to celebrate her birthday!

He pretty much played with this kitchen the whole time!! After he saw the ponies (middle pic) he refused to go back outside. He may have been a but traumatized after I tried to put him on the pony and he kicked and screamed to get away! Poor Boy! 

 Xander kept looking for Daddy all weekend while he was gone. Every time he would wake up and come downstairs he would yell "DAAAADY" It was so precious. I knew that he was going to be so excited when James came home, and he was!! So sweet! 

I hope you all had a great weekend!! We have a busy week this and I am already looking forward to relaxing this weekend and watching our Falcons beat the Saints on Sunday!!

Day 7: I am thankful for Kids Day Out on Mondays! I love having a few hours to run errands and get a few things done around the house without dragging Xander all over the place! He really enjoys it too! 

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