Saturday, September 8, 2012


I have a list of things I could be doing right now, but I would rather sit on the couch, watch junk TV, and post some new pictures on my blog. Both kiddos are sleeping, James it catching up on homework and now would be a perfect time to start the five loads of laundry that have been sorted on our bathroom floor for three days, or write the ten thank you cards I have been meaning to get to for weeks, or clean out the diaper bag that has become a mobile junk drawer. Yes, I could very well get up and be productive, but I can't seem to peel myself away from the Beverly Hills Nannies Reunion. Tonight I will procrastinate. Tomorrow I will regret. Now, how did I find myself here on the couch? Let's go back to this morning when my busy day started with a 6:30am bottle call from a certain little person who happens to sleep late every day we have to be somewhere but chooses Saturday to wake up early - that's how it goes right? After I fed Isabella I went for a quick run. It was actually COLD outside this morning. I loved it! We had two birthday parties to go to today, so after another bottle call it was time to get everyone ready to go! The first birthday party was for Max at Boingo Bounce. Xander was SO excited. He was running around the house all morning yelling, "YAY, I GO TO BOINGY BOUNCE!!!"

Happy Birthday Max! 

I love cupcake pictures! 

After a short nap playtime in the crib, we were off to the next party. This party was for Lilly and Reid at Farmland Adventures. We had so much fun! 

I love my two boys!
Perfect Fall Picture :)

This is her  signature "bottle call" - she starts trying to eat her lips! So funny. She was so good today! 
Pig Races
This is as good as its going to get! 
We didn't get any pictures of the birthday kids... it was just so spread out that we hardly got to see them at all. Unfortunately we had to make an early exit because sister had a major diaper blowout, and me being the awesome Mom I am did not have any extra clothes and only 3 wipes!!! What a mess. 

We had a fun busy day and I am so thankful for all of our sweet friends! After we got home, had dinner, washed up, and put the kids to bed I was done. Once I started the nanny show I was really done. Oh well, that stuff will get done... eventually. I hope everyone is having a great weekend! I am looking forward to going to church tomorrow. I have not been since we were on quarantine before Isabella's surgery!! Happy Saturday!!

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