Tuesday, March 22, 2011

Welcome to my Blog!

      Okay here it is.. my very first post! I have wanted to start a blog for several years now, and I have finally been inspired to get it going. I have met so many new people over the past year that I figured what better place to start than from the beginning!? Not the VERY beginning ;) but the beginning of our precious family of three.
     It all started at an Outback Steakhouse. I had gotten my first job as a hostess   and met this handsome server who was working full time to put himself through college. There was just something about him and I knew that he had to be mine! Unfortunately his girlfriend was also an employee of the OB, so I knew that I would have to wait for the perfect opportunity to win him over. It all began when they broke up and I knew that was my chance to talk to him... I offered him some encouraging words, secretly hoping that he would want to hang out some time. We did finally hang out and our first date was at IHop!
We continued dating and James graduated from Georgia State in the summer of 2005 and was getting ready to move to Charleston, SC for his first assignment as an officer in the Air Force at Charleston AFB. We dated long distance for 9 months. I loved visiting him in Charleston, and it quickly became our favorite city. Here is a picture of us on the day of James' graduation/commencement ceremony and then a picture of us in Charleston.

     James finished his stint at Charleston AFB and was luckily assigned to Moody AFB in Valdosta, GA. I transferred to Valdosta State University so I could move down there (about 4 hours from my home in Atlanta). I don't have many pictures from Valdosta...It was awfully boring!! I did enjoy going to school there though!! We were in Valdosta for a few months when James found out he would be moving AGAIN! This time it was on the other side of the country.. Los Angeles!! We got that news in October 2006, James proposed on Thanksgiving 2006, we eloped on December 22, 2006 and moved to California in February 2007. This was such an exciting time in our lives and I was thrilled to be going on this adventure with him. I actually wish I had a blog back then because we had some very interesting encounters on our journey to Los Angeles. Anyways...We got married at this cute little chapel in downtown Charleston, it was only us.. our families didn't even know we were engaged!

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