Thursday, February 23, 2012

I am loving...

This gorgeous weather! The high today was about 68! Arkansas has some crazy weather y'all! Last week is snowed... and today it was a beautiful spring day! The girls from my small group on Wednesday nights all met up at the park for a playdate and a picnic.We had a blast and stayed for over two hours!

I love his little run!

Noah was excited to show Xander that he had Mickey Mouse on his shirt! It was so cute. Xander loves him some Mickey Mouse! :)

This is as close as Xander wanted to get to the dogs. He was so excited about seeing them, but would not get near them.

So nice to relax at the park with friends. So thankful for a husband that works so hard all day so we can do stuff like this!

Xander and Hudson :)
The day at the park was a success! We came home and X took a 3 & 1/2 hour nap!! I was able to finish ALL of the laundry and clean. So excited my family will be here Saturday!!

So you saw how chubby he was in the last throwback picture... well he wasn't always chubby! He is about 2-3 weeks here. He started putting on a lot of weight around 4-5 weeks when I started giving him we did have a skinny little guy for a few weeks! :)

Wednesday, February 22, 2012

Catch Up & New Blog Design!!

I haven't blogged in a while. Life has been crazy. James was gone last week for 7 days, and I held down the fort with little man. I literally cleaned every day he was gone. I don't know if I am "nesting" yet, but I felt the need to clean every closest in our house, scrub every bathroom, and even clean the base boards!! The house looked perfect when James got home, and it lasted about 20 minutes! Ha! So basically I am having to start over this week. My two aunts and my little sister are coming to visit this Saturday!! They are staying until Wednesday, and I am beyond excited! This week has been devoted to more cleaning, and catching up on the laundry James brought back with him. Our guest room currently looks like its being used as attic storage space, so I must have everything cleared out and clean by Saturday!! Our actual attic is stuffed full, so I am not really sure where all of this junk stuff is going to go. After my family leaves we are going to start making the guest room a nursery...So exciting!

This sums up last week: Mommy did a lot of cleaning and Xander did a lot of this...

He tried to put them all back in the box. Needless to say I am still finding broken angel hair pasta all over the kitchen 7 days later!!

Xander will be 2 in 11 days!! CRAZY. I love to go back and look at pictures of him. He was such a chubby cute baby.. I can't believe how fast time flies!! In honor of Xander's birthday I am going to feature a "throwback" photo on the next few posts! He is so precious!

4 months old :)

Oh, and check out my new blog design! I LOVE it! Thanks Lindsey! I still need to set up all the links at the top of the page, but I am so happy with the change!!

Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine!

James has been out of town for a few days so I got to spend all day with my little Valentine.

He would have been happy with a box of candy hearts, I couldn't get him to open his present!

I had to tell him open "House" which is what he calls his FAVORITE show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

He is was very excited to see "Guck" (Donald Duck) I love how is says duck, which is part of the reason I got him this! :)

A little Valentines surprise for my big boy!
A few pictures from last week.
Hunter came over to play for a couple of hours last week. Xander LOVES playing with Hunter, but is still having a hard time learning to share his toys. X pretty much screamed every time Hunter would touch his toys!

I had to make them each a track because they kept fighting over one. Once I made two, they decided they would share :)

Friday we went to toddler story time at the library!

Xander had fun dancing and singing the songs. I did learn that we have several things to work on at home though. He was the only one standing up and walking around while she was reading. Thankfully they stand up and sit down a lot, but we definitely need to work on following directions during story time! 

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Weekend Wrap Up

We were unusually busy this weekend. Our weekends typically consist of movie watching, hanging out, and relaxing. That's the way we like it. This past weekend we got out of our normal routine, and spent time with friends. Friday we went to my favorite restaurant Carrabbas, it was delicious! The service however, was awful. At one point we had our appetizers, salads, and entrees on the table at one time! But we had a great time and enjoyed hanging out with new friends!

I took Xander to the mall to play Saturday morning so James could have some time to do his homework.We played there for almost 2 hours! X LOVES going now that he finally figured out how to climb! I have never been on a Saturday before and it was packed. I was also extremely annoyed by the fact the over half of the kids in there were too tall for the play area and their parents were nowhere to be found. There is a sign right when you walk in with the height restrictions and it clearly states that parents MUST supervise. As a rule follower, I hate when people break the rules. It is also a safety issue. You have toddlers running and crawling around with a group of 10 year olds running amok. Next time I will call mall security. Sorry, just had to vent! :) Here is my big boy climbing!

After a looong morning at the mall we went home for naptime! Our church moved their Sunday night service to Saturday this past weekend because of the Super Bowl. We decided to go Saturday and we loved it! After church we went out to dinner with some friends to one of James' favorite restaurants, Powerhouse.
Bear hugs before church!

So sweet! Little Miss Addison is so cute!

Xander recently learned about "ekiimo" aka Eskimo kisses. He loves them just as much as we do!

Seriously, X was SO good Friday and Saturday when we went out to dinner!!

Normally, If we went out Friday and Saturday we would have stayed home Sunday, but it was the Super Bowl!! We were invited to a get together/shrimp boil at our friend's Nick and Meredith's. We had a great time!
Found Xander and Beckham reading together in Beck's room. Precious!

Towards the end of the night all the kids made their way into the living room where we were watching the game. X had been watching Mickey Mouse on the computer and Reese and Beck climb in the chair with him. It was so cute.
Reese wanted to hold the "baby" Ha! Too funny! :)
I think I have finally recovered from our crazy weekend. We had a blast, but looking forward to relaxing this weekend! Hope everyone is having a good week!

Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It's always fun to imagine your kids being best buddies with your close friends children. This is exactly what my friend Megan and I used to do. I met Megan when her son Hunter was 3 months old and I was pregnant with Xander. We have always talked about the day when Hunter and Xander would become best friends :). Xander has always been super clingy at playgroups and around other kids, so I figured it would be a while before he got the concept of playing with friends. Now that little man is almost two he decided he is ready!! It started Monday when we met Hunter at the park and they just played and played. It was so sweet. We went to the park again today and they ran around together for over an hour. We have been talking about this day for over two years and its finally here! So cute!


A blanket known as "Taat" and a dog known as "Dog"... Xander's other buddies, and quite possibly his favorite. He needs these guys to fall asleep at night or just to snuggle when he is sleepy. This was Monday... He only slept for 45 minutes at Kids Day Out. He was so sleepy that he just cuddled with his buddies on the floor while I cooked dinner. Sweet boy!


I am looking forward to watching Xander actually play with his friends at playgroups and playdates now! Its so fun to watch him interact with other kids and see his little personality come out with his friends. Such a fun age!
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