Tuesday, February 14, 2012

My Valentine!

James has been out of town for a few days so I got to spend all day with my little Valentine.

He would have been happy with a box of candy hearts, I couldn't get him to open his present!

I had to tell him open "House" which is what he calls his FAVORITE show Mickey Mouse Clubhouse.

He is was very excited to see "Guck" (Donald Duck) I love how is says duck, which is part of the reason I got him this! :)

A little Valentines surprise for my big boy!
A few pictures from last week.
Hunter came over to play for a couple of hours last week. Xander LOVES playing with Hunter, but is still having a hard time learning to share his toys. X pretty much screamed every time Hunter would touch his toys!

I had to make them each a track because they kept fighting over one. Once I made two, they decided they would share :)

Friday we went to toddler story time at the library!

Xander had fun dancing and singing the songs. I did learn that we have several things to work on at home though. He was the only one standing up and walking around while she was reading. Thankfully they stand up and sit down a lot, but we definitely need to work on following directions during story time! 

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