Wednesday, February 1, 2012


It's always fun to imagine your kids being best buddies with your close friends children. This is exactly what my friend Megan and I used to do. I met Megan when her son Hunter was 3 months old and I was pregnant with Xander. We have always talked about the day when Hunter and Xander would become best friends :). Xander has always been super clingy at playgroups and around other kids, so I figured it would be a while before he got the concept of playing with friends. Now that little man is almost two he decided he is ready!! It started Monday when we met Hunter at the park and they just played and played. It was so sweet. We went to the park again today and they ran around together for over an hour. We have been talking about this day for over two years and its finally here! So cute!


A blanket known as "Taat" and a dog known as "Dog"... Xander's other buddies, and quite possibly his favorite. He needs these guys to fall asleep at night or just to snuggle when he is sleepy. This was Monday... He only slept for 45 minutes at Kids Day Out. He was so sleepy that he just cuddled with his buddies on the floor while I cooked dinner. Sweet boy!


I am looking forward to watching Xander actually play with his friends at playgroups and playdates now! Its so fun to watch him interact with other kids and see his little personality come out with his friends. Such a fun age!

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