Thursday, February 23, 2012

I am loving...

This gorgeous weather! The high today was about 68! Arkansas has some crazy weather y'all! Last week is snowed... and today it was a beautiful spring day! The girls from my small group on Wednesday nights all met up at the park for a playdate and a picnic.We had a blast and stayed for over two hours!

I love his little run!

Noah was excited to show Xander that he had Mickey Mouse on his shirt! It was so cute. Xander loves him some Mickey Mouse! :)

This is as close as Xander wanted to get to the dogs. He was so excited about seeing them, but would not get near them.

So nice to relax at the park with friends. So thankful for a husband that works so hard all day so we can do stuff like this!

Xander and Hudson :)
The day at the park was a success! We came home and X took a 3 & 1/2 hour nap!! I was able to finish ALL of the laundry and clean. So excited my family will be here Saturday!!

So you saw how chubby he was in the last throwback picture... well he wasn't always chubby! He is about 2-3 weeks here. He started putting on a lot of weight around 4-5 weeks when I started giving him we did have a skinny little guy for a few weeks! :)

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