Friday, July 1, 2011

That's where the Duggars live!!

     As I mentioned in the previous post, James' four year commitment to the Air Force was almost up, and he started looking for a job. He ended up getting two good offers. One at Tyson Foods in Springdale, AR and the other was a sales job in Nashville, TN. The first thing I said when James told me about his offer from Tyson was "OMG, that's where the Duggars live!" Yes, I know I am lame. I do not know why that was exciting to me, but it was, and James still makes fun of me for it :). 19 kids and counting has been one of my favorite shows for years. I started watching it when it was 16 kids and moving in!!

     Unfortunately, living in the same town as the Duggars was not a good enough reason to move to Arkansas, so we had a tough decision to make. We were ecstatic about the offer in Nashville. It was only 4 hours from our family in Atlanta and James would have had his dream sales job. This should have been an easy decision right? Wrong!! After almost 5 years of marriage I have finally realized that nothing we do is ever easy. Tennessee was the obvious choice...awesome job, fun city, closer to family, but it just didn't feel right.

     We flew out to Fayetteville before we made our decision. After living in 2 big cities we were a bit skeptical about North West Arkansas, and were still leaning towards Nashville at that point. After our visit we both agreed it "felt" right, but were still not convinced. Once we got back to Los Angeles, we HAD to make a decision. Should we take the better paying job in a big city near family, or the job in marketing that was 13 hours from the closest relative. The job in Nashville would have been nice, but like I said it didnt "feel" right. We felt like we could do our way (Nashville) or God's way (Arkansas). This was hard. We had been doing "our way" since we got married. We decided to trust God and we chose to move to Arkansas!! After almost 2 years of living in Arkansas, we know we made the right decision, AND we live right down the street from Josh and Anna Duggar :).


  1. hello blog neighbor! i live in bentonville :)
    coming over from the commenting challenge.
    your little boy is cute!!

  2. I came over from Jenna's Journey. Your family is precious! And I love the Duggars! That is awesome that you live down the street from Anna and Josh. :)

  3. Thats so cool! Good thing you followed Gods plan even though it was a tough decision!

  4. I love the Duggers - so awesome that you live so close to them :-) How fun!! (Stopping by from Jeanna's Journey)

  5. Thanks for commenting on my blog :) I love the Duggars so I think that's so fun that you live close!


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